The Frumist disposable vape is a small and discreet vaping device that houses a built-in coil and a 400mAh battery, allowing the vape pen to last up to 500 puffs per lifespan which is ideal for smokers willing to convert to vaping. 


These disposable vapes also contain 2ml of 20mg salt-based e-liquid giving you an amazing Mouth To Lung vaping experience. 


Their sleek and stylish design catches the eyes of our loyal customers making them a prominent disposable device as they can be easily brought with you wherever you may go.


With their compact size and low maintenance, these pens can be easily replaced with a new product once their lifespan is over as they do not require any maintiance. This product is great for both beginners and professional vapers.


The Frumist disposable vaping kit is easily activated by inhaling onto the mouthpiece. Not only are they sold at a reasonable price, but they also have seven different fruity flavours available including Strawberry and Kiwi (Straw) and Mango flavoured pod devices. If you’re a smoker who wants to become a vapour, why not try the Frumist Tobacco Disposable Vape? This product could be just for you! 

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