Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit 20mg

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Color: Blue Green & Lemon and Lime

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit 20mg

The Lost Mary Tappo vape kit is a user-friendly and compact vaping solution, making it perfect for beginners, those transitioning from disposables, and anyone seeking a straightforward rechargeable kit. Its simplicity has made it a highly popular choice. By using the pre-filled Lost Mary Tappo pods, you can enjoy the renowned flavors from disposable vapes along with a discreet Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping experience.

Much like disposables, starting with the Tappo is as easy as inhaling from the mouthpiece. The kit generates a modest amount of vapor with each puff, offering a discreet and cigarette-like sensation. The built-in 750mAh battery provides ample power for most vapers throughout the day and recharges quickly. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only a recharge when the prefilled cartridge is depleted.

The Tappo 2ml pods are designed for enhanced flavor, featuring mesh coils and a sealed freshness that is easily broken by pressing the base of the pod when you're ready to vape. The 2ml e-liquid capacity matches the longevity of a standard disposable, offering up to 600 puffs. Replacement pods are available in economical two-packs, providing a cost-effective alternative to disposables and offering both classic Lost Mary flavors and exclusive blends.

  • Dark Bronze kit comes with Blue Sour Raspberry
  • Blue Green kit comes with Lemon Lime
  • Silver Stainless Steel kit comes with Strawberry Ice
  • Green Pink kit comes with Watermelon

Please note: The Tappo kit does not include a USB-C charging cable, but you can buy a USB-C Cable separately.

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