Aroma King Disposable Vape Device

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Flavour: Cherry Ice
Strength: 0mg

Aroma King Disposable Vape Device

The Aroma King 700 is a single-use vape pen that uses nicotine salts in its e-liquid. It doesn't need to be refilled with e-liquid, charged, or have any pods or coils changed. To vape, simply inhale.

The Aroma King is small and light, making it ideal for use while travelling, commuting, or out on the town, as well as as a backup device. Each lasts roughly 600 puffs with a 550mAh battery.



  • Banana Ice  - Sweet bananas are chilled to perfection in this delightful vape!
  • Blueberry Ice  - Sweet, juicy blueberries are given an icy twist!
  • Cola  - A fizzy cola is recreated perfectly in this beautiful vape!
  • Cool Mango  - A cool breeze goes over some sweet mangoes for a tropical masterpiece!
  • Energy Drink Ice  - A tantalising fizzy energy drink is chilled to perfection!
  • Grape Ice  - Sweet, fresh grapes are chilled with a twist of ice!
  • Green Apple  - The tangy sweet tastes of green apples burst through this vape!
  • Lychee Ice  - Exotic, juicy lychees are cooled with some icy menthol!
  • Mango Apple Pear  - A magnificent medley of sweet mangoes, juicy apples and succulent pears.
  • Peach Ice  - Juicy peaches are chilled with a hint of cool menthol!
  • Strawberry Ice  - Sweet strawberries are given an icy chill!
  • Watermelon Ice  - Juicy watermelons are given a cool icy blast for a refreshing vape!
  • Cherry Ice - A sweet medley of fresh cherries are chilled with a breeze of cool ice!
  • Blue Raz Cherry - Sweet cherries are paired with fresh blue raspberries in a magical mix!
  • Blue Sour Raspberry - Blueberries and raspberries are perfectly blended with a twist of tanginess.
  • Blueberry Bubblegum - Sharp blueberries are mixed into a sweet bubblegum for a flavourful experience!
  • Blueberry Pomegranate - The sweet tastes of blueberries blends with some exotic pomegranates.
  • Berry Peach - A medley of succulent berries are mixed with some tropical peaches.
  • Grape Energy - A classic, fizzy energy drink is blended with some sweet grapes!
  • Hawaiia Pog - Iced menthol is combined with exotic guava, sweet orange, and tart passion fruit.
  • Ice Rainbow- A medley of sweet fruity candies are chilled with some cool ice!
  • Mixed Berry - A classic flavour, bringing you a multitude of sweet berries in a satisfying vape!
  • Energy - The classic fizzy energy drink returns in vape form!
  • Pink Lemonade - A tantalising lemonade is mixed with some sweet fruits for a classic flavour!
  • Strawberry Guava - A unique pairing of sweet strawberries and exotic guavas in a classic flavour!
  • Strawberry Ice Cream - Sweet strawberries are blended into a smooth, cool ice cream!
  • Unicorn Shake - Sweet apples and bananas are blended into a creamy milkshake.


  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Number Of Puffs: 600-700


  • 1 x Aroma King Disposable Pod System

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