Hipster Mini 2 in 1 Disposable Vapes

Hipster is a well-recognized e-cig/ disposable e cigs brand which has been increasing in popularity within the vape industry. The company has developed a Dual-Flavoured pod device known as the Hipster Mini Disposable Vape pen. 


The Hipster Mini, like many other disposable vape kits, has a built-in 550mAh battery with a 2ml e-liquid capacity and 20mg Nicotine Strength. This disposable vape will give you a strong throat hit. Each pod device can provide up to 600 puffs which is equivalent 20 cigarettes and is ready to vape at any time. Their discrete and compact size allows them to be carried anywhere you go and easily replaced when their lifespan has expired. Our best-selling flavour is gummy bear, fruit punch ice.


Not only does this pen have all the advantages of many other disposables; such as requiring zero maintenance and being inhaled activated, these pocket-friendly devices come equipped with two separate liquid containers per device, allowing you to frequently switch between flavours if you get bored of the other. This makes them superior to their competitors, as the Hipster Mini has managed to catch the eyes of many vapers across the country, due to the disposables’ fascinating double air-flow design for a top-quality flavoured vaping experience.


Hipster Mini never fails to satisfy their customers. There are 12 divine flavours that are available, such as Peach Lemonade/Mango Ice and much more dual flavoured disposables. 


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