Dr Vapes Disposable Vapes

Dr Vapes and Geekvape (Geek Bar) are two of the biggest companies within the vaping world and their collaboration will provide you with some award-winning flavours in the sleek stylish design of the well-known and very popular Geek Bar to ensure that you get a vaping experience that you will never forget.


This collaboration has 5 flavours called Pink, Pink Ice, Purple, Black and Blue. However, despite the simplicity of the names these Dr Vapes Geek Bar are packed full will complex flavour combinations that are filled to the brim with tastes that will stimulate your taste buds and elevate your vaping experience with some being sweet and subtle yet not bland and some being powerful and intense yet not overpowering ensure you get a good throat hit. This new line of flavours come in 2ml of 20mg Nic Salt E-liquid that should last 575 puffs (equivalent to 20 cigarettes, depending on vaper habit).




Who is Dr Vapes?

Dr Vapes was established in 2014 and started brewing their own “all day vape” and then went on to make some award-winning products that are known all over the vaping community.


Who is Geekvape?

Geek vape is a well-known brand popularly known for its disposable vapes with sleek and stylish design.


Why is it called Dr Vapes Geek Bar?

This is because it is a collaboration between these two companies. The two companies have came together to make a disposable vape.


Vape Disposables is a B2B business which means we wholesale, high quality products to our fellow businesses. All products on our website are TPD compliant.

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